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  • Do I have to buy a dozen cookies or can I just purchase a couple of cookies?
    I only sell my cookies by the following boxes: • 1 dozen • Bite Size (25-30 small cookies.) • Holiday Gift Boxes that vary depending on the design.
  • How do I receive my order on the day I need them?
    You can choose to porch cookie table pick up at my home OR delivery.
  • Where do you deliver to and is there a delivery fee?
    We do doorstep delivery to most locations in Bakersfield and Shafter. Delivery fees range from $2-$7 depending on distance. (For local enjoyment only, sorry, no shipping is available.)
  • What happens when I need to cancel my order?
    If you need to cancel your order for any reason, I completely understand. I do not issue refunds, but your payment will be applied to a future order
  • Do you make anything else besides cookies, i.e. cakes, cupcakes, or cake pops"
    I am just your cookie lady :)
  • Do you use nut products in your cookies or frosting?
    I do not use any nut products in either my cookies or frosting. As well as keeping my kitchen free of any nut products while preparing orders.
  • What is the best way to place an order?
    Text me at 661-619-9499 to place your order.
  • What is the soonest I can receive my order?
    At least a 7 day notice is needed to place your order.
  • How should I store my order once I have received it?
    Frosting and cookie come together the day of pick up, so that way it is yummy and fresh for you! If not enjoying on the day that you pick up, then place in the refrigerator. Take out and let sit 1 hour before enjoying them. Refrigerator: 2 days. Freezer (in air tight container) : Up to 3 months .
  • Why is the Subscription Box Form asking for my shipping address? Isn't it pickup only?
    The software we use doesn’t allow a “no shipping” option button. So it is a part of the form for all eternity. We, at Buttercream Cookie Co., seem to only know how to make yummy cookies…not website software. Ps. If you know someone that does know how to make the website software please let us know. Will trade for cookies.
  • What are your cookie prices?
    Our prices can be found on our pricing page. For specific questions you can also text me directly at 661-619-9499.
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